Commission System

Commission System

The DXN MLM business consists of several bonuses
- Group Bonus 6% - 21%
- Star Group Bonus 25% - 37%
- Development Bonus 15%
- International Profit Sharing 2%
- Leadership Bonus 15%
- Travel Seminar Incentive 2%
- One Time Handphone Cash Incentive - Based on the local marketing plan
- One Time Overseas Trip Cash Incentive - Based on the local marketing plan

Your income is based on the sales within your network, which is the difference derived by subtracting your bonus level according to your accomplishment and the bonus level of the people under you. The bonus level will be determined based on your status and monthly qualification.
For those enjoying bonus under the Star Agent status, the bonus will differ when you reach the Star Diamond level. However under both levels, the bonus is not related to the depth of the network but the sales total of the group. To achieve higher status levels, you need to have different Star Diamonds on different lines under your group (based on your local marketing plan).